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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Broken Tooth?

Breaking a tooth can be a shocking and traumatic experience, or it can be one that just happens without much notice. However a broken tooth happens, it’s important to see a dentist right away to have it fixed before it causes further dental complications. There are a number of different options available for fixing a broken tooth, depending on the cause of the break and the scope of the damage. Here’s what you need to know.

Possible causes of broken tooth
Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in our bodies. But when the enamel wears down, or decay breaks down the structure, the teeth become brittle and more vulnerable to chipping, cracking, or breaking. In order to prevent broken teeth, it’s important to know the possible causes. Here are 6 common causes for broken teeth:

  • Cavities can break down the tooth’s structure, increasing the risk of chips, cracks, or breaks.
  • Biting hard objects like pens, ice, hard candy, fruit stones, or meat bones can result in a broken tooth.
  • Tearing open packages or bottles with your teeth can also cause a broken tooth.
  • Sudden trauma to the mouth by way of an accident, fall, or sports collision can result in a broken tooth.
  • Poor oral hygiene can weaken the enamel and cause decay, breaking down the tooth’s structure from the inside as well as the outside, making the tooth more susceptible to breakage.
  • Bruxism, teeth grinding, causes excessive pressure on the teeth and can result in a broken tooth.

Even if your broken tooth doesn’t hurt, it’s important to get it treated as soon as possible. An untreated broken tooth can lead to infection or other serious complications with your oral health and your overall health as well.

Options and costs for fixing a broken tooth
Fixing a broken tooth can be a simple and straightforward procedure, or it can be more complex, depending on the scope of the damage. Below, we provide a brief outline of some common options for fixing a broken tooth, as well as the average cost range for each one. Keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on the location of the tooth, the materials used, the complexity or severity of the damage, and the location of the dental practice.

Here are 5 common dental procedures for fixing a broken tooth:

  • Dental bonding is typically used to fix minor cracks or chips in teeth. The bonding helps reinforce the tooth structure and restore balance to the smile.
    Average cost of dental bonding: $300 to $600 per tooth


  • Veneers are often used to fix broken teeth in the front of the mouth. They work best when the break is minor. Veneers provide structural support and restore the beauty of the smile.
    Average cost of dental veneers: $800 to $2500 per tooth


  • Crowning the broken tooth with a prosthetic cap will provide additional structural support and help to prevent further damage. The crown also allows the dentist to save the natural tooth, which aids in jawbone health.
    Average cost of dental crown: $1000 to $3000 per tooth


  • Root canal therapy may be needed if the crack exposes the tooth pulp or if there are signs of infection in the pulp. The root canal procedure also helps to eliminate the pain associated with nerve exposure or infection.
    Average cost of root canal: $600 to $1800 per tooth


  • Dental implants are used if the broken tooth is too damaged to restore. And because the implant replaces the whole tooth, including the root, it aids in jawbone heath as well.
    Average cost of dental implants: $3000 to $4500 per tooth

If you have dental insurance, you may be eligible for a significant cost reduction of up to 50% or even 60% depending on your insurance plan and the type of procedure you need. At the dental practice of Dr. Pegah Salami, we accept a number of insurance plans, and we offer financing options as well.

Broken tooth repair in Rancho Bernardo, CA
When you come in for a broken tooth consultation with Dr. Salami, she’ll perform an examination to determine the extent of the damage and help you understand the treatment options appropriate for your particular situation. Or if you’re just looking for the best Rancho Bernardo dentist, we offer a comprehensive range of high quality dental services.

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