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In the past, dentists removed tooth decay and used metal/amalgam fillings to repair teeth. Modern dentistry allows Dr. Salami to use white, strong composite fillings instead of metal. Tinted to match your natural dentition, tooth-colored fillings create aesthetically pleasing repairs.

Unlike metal fillings, which can change shape or leak as they wear, composite fillings bond with teeth to form a solid surface that will stand the test of time. Tooth-colored fillings also require less removal of healthy tooth structure, so they allow for restorations that are more conservative. We can remove old, dark fillings so that you don’t have to live with a mouth full of metal.

How much does a white filling cost in San Diego?

White fillings $65–$225 at our dental office

What is a composite filling?

A composite filling is a popular and safe alternative to silver fillings for treating cavities and restoring your oral health. A composite filling is created from a ceramic and plastic compound called acrylic resin. It’s popular with dentists and dental patients, and it has a number of great benefits, including:

  • Composite filling can be matched to your tooth color for a seamless, natural look
  • Composite filling contains no mercury
  • Composite filling bonds with your natural tooth structure
  • Composite filling can be used on front or back teeth
  • Composite filling is aesthetically pleasing

And of course, composite resin fillings are one of the top options for treating cavities, preventing further decay, and optimizing your oral health.

How long do composite fillings last?

With proper care, composite fillings can last a long time, although exactly how long will depend on several factors, including:

  • The size and location of the filling. Larger fillings or fillings in your molars may not last as long as smaller fillings closer to the front of your mouth.
  • Bruxism. Teeth clenching will cause your fillings to wear away faster.
  • Your diet. A healthy diet free of sugary and acidic foods will help maximize the longevity of your composite fillings
  • Your oral hygiene. Failure to brush and floss daily can lead to new decay around your fillings so they require more frequent replacement.
  • The quality of your dental treatment. Although filling a cavity is a fairly simple process, it must be done thoroughly and with care and precision. A rushed or imprecise filling procedure can leave gaps that allow bacteria in, resulting in further decay and the need for filling replacement.

If you take good care of your teeth, eat a healthy diet, and visit your dentist regularly, your composite fillings can last 10 years or more.

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Dental fillings don’t last forever. Depending on the type of filling you have, your oral health, your daily habits, and even the foods you eat, your fillings could last 10 years or more. During your bi-annual visits with Dr. Salami, she’ll examine your teeth for any signs that your fillings need to be replaced. But there are also signs that you’ll want to look out for between visits. You may need a tooth filling replacement if:

  • Your filling is cracked – Bacteria can get inside the crack and cause further decay.
  • Your tooth hurts – Tooth sensitivity may be the sign of a cracked, or broken, or missing filling.
  • You feel pain when you drink cold beverages. When a cracked or broken filling no longer protects the nerve, the tooth can become sensitive to heat or cold.
  • Your old filling has changed color. Decay around the filling can cause it to change color. A larger filling may be needed.
  • Your filling has fallen out and the tooth is black inside. A missing filling can cause tooth decay and further problems. A black tooth is usually a sign of severe decay.
  • Your filling is old. When a filling gets old, the seal between it and the tooth can become compromised, allowing bacteria in and leading to decay.

A cracked, broken, or missing filling needs to be replaced right away to avoid further problems with your oral health. But you don’t have to wait until you’re in pain to have a dental filling replaced. During your biannual visits, Dr. Salami can detect decay or the smallest fractures in your filling before it causes tooth sensitivity or other complications. If you do experience sensitivity or think you may have a cracked filling, make an appointment right away.


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    I had a very thorough cleaning on my second visit that was superior to any cleaning I’ve ever had. Instead of the older methods, this was done mostly with a small, vibrating water sprayer that was actually soothing to the gums as it entered … More the pockets around the teeth. I was told it is a more effective way of both removing the bacteria and keeping the pockets from further recession. The skills of Natalie were impressive throughout during my pain-free visit! This my second visit to this office. I had a new crown done on my first visit, all done in less than two hours with state of the art equipment that was unbelievable. I highly recommend this office for great service and results.
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    I had been recommended to Dr Salami from a friend. I was tired of a Dentist office that seemed like a corporation, different dentists, always up-selling, always in a rush, so I tried Dr Salami's office. After one visit, Dr Salami … More was like visiting a wonderful family. Everyone was pleasant and professional. They spent time cleaning my teeth, not just getting it done. I knew going in I had a tooth that needed a crown, but there was no pressure. The second visit for the crown was painless and a perfect fit. Everyone was a pleasure to meet. My new Dentist for life.
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    Update; went in for an adjustment everything was wonderful...once again the
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