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How Much Does a Root Canal and Crown Cost?

If you’ve ever had a severe toothache, then you know the misery it can cause. Intense tooth pain is a sign of inflammation and infection in the dental pulp, which contains numerous nerve endings that are highly sensitive. A root canal is usually the preferred treatment for addressing an infected tooth. The procedure involves removal of the infected tissue inside the tooth, which includes the blood vessels and nerves. A crown is then placed on top of the remaining tooth to strengthen and protect it. Root canal therapy immediately eliminates the dental pain, so you can go back to enjoying your favorite foods—pain free. So how much does a root canal and crown cost? It depends on several factors.

We offer root canals from $650 to $1250. Most insurance is accepted. Contact our Rancho Bernardo office today.

How much does a root canal and crown cost?

The average cost of a root canal in the United States ranges from about $700 to $1500. The average cost of a crown ranges from $800 to $3000. When combining the cost of root canals and dental crowns, you can expect to pay between $1800 and $5000 or more. This broad range is due to several factors:

  • Location of the infected tooth
    Front teeth are thinner and contain less pulp than bicuspid teeth and molars, so the root canal procedure is simpler. Also, front teeth sometimes only require a filling, which eliminates the additional expense of a crown. A root canal in a molars requires significantly more work, so that procedure would be at the higher end of the cost spectrum.
  • Scope of treatment
    The sooner you visit your dentist after noticing tooth pain, the better the chances that the procedure will be simple and straightforward. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that the total cost will rise due to the need for additional, more complex work to treat the infection. If you wait too long, a root canal may no longer be an option, and more extensive—and expensive—dental work may be needed.
  • Type of crown
    Crowns are made from a range of different materials, some more expensive than others. Some fabrication labs use highly specialized equipment that costs more to maintain. The cost difference between one type of crown and another can be thousands of dollars.
  • Additional procedures and expenses
    When a dentist quotes you the cost of a root canal, it’s typically just for the root canal itself. The same goes for the cost of the crown. Sedation, x-rays, and any additional procedures will increase the cost.
  • Location of the dental practice
    As with most things, the average cost of root canals varies across the country and even within a state. Typically, root canals and dental crowns will be a little bit less expensive in the western states than in the eastern states. But of course, each region within a state will have different average costs as well.
  • Insurance coverage
    Not all dental insurance plans are created equal. Most basic dental plans only cover the cost of cleanings, x-rays, and preventative maintenance procedures, leaving patients responsible for all or most of the cost of restorative procedures. More comprehensive dental plans, on the other hand, will cover up to 50% of root canals, dental crowns, and other procedures.

If you don’t have dental insurance, you’ll have to pay the full cost of your root canal, but many dental practices offer financing options so you don’t have to pay it all up front.

At the dental practice of Dr. Pegah Salami, we provide high quality dental care in Rancho Bernardo. Our prices are affordable, and we offer root canals from $650 to $1250. While that range is quite broad, the only way for us to determine a more specific cost for your root canal is to perform an examination, which we’ll do when you come in for a consultation with Dr. Salami.

If you have dental insurance, let us know and we’ll contact your provider to inquire about coverage on your behalf. For more information on our dental services, browse our website or give us a call at (858) 673-1000 today.

Dr. Pegah Salami is an orthodontist, cosmetic dentist, sedation dentist, and Invisalign specialist. Her office is located in Rancho Bernardo and serving San Diego County. Dr. Salami is a member of several prestigious dental organizations.


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