Wax-Up Models for Lifesize Mouth Models in Escondido, Poway, and Rancho Bernardo

Dr. Salami uses wax-up models to more accurately assess complex restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments before applying them. Just as an engineer might create a model to make sure a machine works as it should, Dr. Salami fabricates a wax-up model of your jaws and teeth to test prosthetics, veneers, and other dental treatments to ensure an ideal fit. You can see first-hand what our proposed solutions will look like on the wax-up model so that you can make informed decisions regarding your dental care. If adjustments are needed, Dr. Salami can adapt those changes to the model before sending your case to the dental laboratory. The wax-ups give us a realistic projection of how your dental work will look and function, resulting in more accurate dental restorations.

A Dental Wax Up Model

Learn More About Wax-Ups for a More Informed Dental Experience

Dr. Salami helps you become more informed about your dental treatments by using wax-up models for dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry treatments. Before any veneers are applied to your teeth, they are used on the wax-up model for a clear idea of how they will look and feel. The same goes for all other dental work performed in Dr. Salami’s office. Learn more about how we use wax-ups for dental reconstructions and schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Salami by calling our office today.

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