We Use Dental Intraoral Cameras for Our Escondido, Poway and Rancho Bernardo Dental Patients

Most people are in the dark about the true status of their dental health, and even lights and mirrors can’t show patients what the dentist sees – until now!

Dr. Salami uses an intraoral camera, which is a camera-tipped wand the size of a pen. When you visit our office, you can sit comfortably back in the chair and get ready for the show. Dr. Salami or the hygienist will cover the intraoral camera in a disposable plastic sheath that protects against contamination before inserting the wand-shaped device into your mouth. The camera takes a video of the inside of your mouth and transmits the images to a computing unit via cable. The computing unit enlarges the full-color images and displays them on a TV screen that you can comfortably view from your seat in the dental chair. Now you can get a clear picture of your dental health while Dr. Salami points out problem areas and offers clear explanations of all treatment options. The use of the intraoral camera gives you front-seat access to your oral health status, helping you become a more informed partner in your dental care as opposed to a clueless bystander.

When you see your dental problems up close, the information can seem overwhelming at first. Instead of feeling anxious, consider the experience as a first step toward a healthier and fresher smile. The camera is important because many times it can identify potentially serious issues at the earliest stages, such as bleeding or inflammation, allowing for advanced treatments to prevent small problems before they escalate. This is helpful for cases of gum disease, and conditions of the mouth that can lead to damage without causing pain. The intraoral camera also provides honest feedback about your home hygiene rituals and routines, and where they may be lacking or paying off. Dr. Salami or the hygienist can recommend ways to improve your personal oral care based on our findings.

An Intraoral Camera Device

Want to Learn More About Intraoral Camera Dentistry?

The intraoral camera is one of the many technologies we use to enhance patient care in our dental office. In our team’s experience, patients tend to take a more proactive approach to their oral health when they can view color images in real-time on a large screen. We are always happy to explain the new innovations in dentistry and how they can improve your dental experience.

Call to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Salami and learn more about how we use the intraoral camera to improve your oral health.

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